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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Alert! WhatsApp users beware of this message, otherwise your bank account will be empty

 can be just as dangerous as making your life easier these days. The app has become more sensitive after coming up with features ranging from banking to payment. This is the reason why now your WhatsApp is also a target of hackers. Today we want to warn you with a special message. Taking it carelessly can empty your bank account.

You will be able to earn money by doing a part time job

According to information, cyber criminals are trying to trap people through WhatsApp. A part time job offer is sent to your WhatsApp. It is said that you can earn money by doing a part time job from your mobile from home. This job can earn from Rs 200 to Rs 3,000 by working only 10-30 minutes every day. New users will also get a Rs 50 bonus. A link is given below in the message. Clicked on to join. As soon as you click on this, you will fall prey to fraud.

What do you do when you receive a message?

If you receive this type of message on WhatsApp or any other messaging platform, immediately block the number from which you receive the message. Also delete that message. So as not to accidentally click on the link provided in it. This message from a part-time job with water is coming from a number with a maximum +212 code. This message is being sent from a different number. If such a message comes from a number with code +91 in India, ignore it too. Sometimes such messages also come from the names of fraudulent companies. Which you should be aware of. Always keep in mind that you will not get anything for free. If a message is claiming thousands of earners in a matter of minutes, it will be in your best interest to ignore it.

How is forgery?

The link involved in a forged message is usually malware (a type of virus). As soon as you click on the link, this malware gets installed in the user's phone. These users want other financial details or personal details like their ATM PIN, card number. This data is later used illegally.

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