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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Did you know that the agency pays so much money to carry an LPG cylinder yourself, know the rules

LPG gas cylinders are being used in almost all homes today. 
But even today many people are unaware of the benefits of Malta after taking the connection. Which many people unknowingly take advantage of. We are telling them some rules today to avoid this kind of fraud. Knowing this will not only make you smarter but will also benefit them financially.

Can demand refund delivery charge

If you have a connection with any gas agency, if you go to the godown without taking delivery at home and take delivery yourself, you can get back 19 rupees 50 paise from the agency. No agency can refuse to give this amount. This amount is charged from you at the time of booking the gas cylinder as delivery charge. This amount is fixed for the gas cylinders of all the companies although this amount has been increased only a month ago. Earlier, the delivery charge was Rs 15, which has been increased to Rs 19.50.

Complain can here

No agency administrator can refuse to give you this amount. But if someone refuses you can complain to toll free number 18002333555. In this case let me tell you that at present consumers are given 12 cylinders with subsidy (LPG Subsidy Cylinder). After completing this quota, you will have to purchase the cylinder at market rate.

If your cylinder's regulator (LPG Regulator) is leaking, you can replace it with the agency for free. It is worth mentioning that you need to have an agency subscription voucher for this. You have to take the leak regulator with you to the agency. Subscription voucher and regulator number will be added. The regulator will change when the two numbers match, you do not have to pay any fee for this. This work will be free of charge in all respects.

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