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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Wajid Khan's wife is an example to explain what happens after marriage in a staunch Muslim family

increasing cases of love jihad, laws are being made against this social defect in many states. For this reason, after the coming out of the canned genie for many years, discussion has started on the love jihad on all platforms. If someone is in favor, someone denies the presence of this dreadful social truth.

Now the genie of Love Jihad has come out of Bollywood, which will not be easy for its supporters to defend. Famous musician Wajid Khan's name will be heard by all of you. He died accidentally in June of the same year due to Corona. Now seeing the discussion on Love Jihad starting, his wife Kamalrukh Khan has posted the mind-boggling truth on Twitter.

In his 3 page long post, he has spoken about the harassment he received from the family of musician Wajid Khan for not changing religion. Let me tell you that Kamalarukh Khan comes from a Parsi family and in his post has told how after marriage he had to go through many atrocities for not accepting Islam. After marriage, not only their independent thinking was limited but their ideas were also strangled.

Kamalarukh has written in his post that due to his upbringing in his Parsi family he had got freedom of democratic values ​​and ideas since childhood, but the same democratic values, education and freedom were the biggest problems of Wajid's family after his marriage to Wajid.

In the post, Kamalrukh also revealed that his resistance to not accepting Islam destroyed his relationship with Wajid Khan. He wrote that, "A strong-educated, educated and independent-minded woman was not acceptable to Wajid's family. I always respected, participated in and celebrated all religions. But my resistance to converting to Islam greatly increased the distance between me and my husband, making our relationship as husband and wife toxic. "

He wrote that, “My dignity and self-respect did not allow me to convert to Islam and bow before the family of Wajid. I have to fight till date even after marriage. Today the result is that I was thrown out of my husband's family, and there was an attempt to intimidate me even by taking me to court. "

He further wrote, "Wajid was a talented musician who devoted his life to making tunes. I wanted them to dedicate more time with us as a family, devoid of religious prejudices, the way they devoted their tunes to making. "

Kamalrukh wrote, reflecting fundamentalism that, "We never got a family because of the religious fanaticism of him and his family." Today, after his untimely death, persecution from his family continues and the reason for his hatred was not simply to convert to Islam. I am fighting for the rights of my children. "

He further wrote, "I really want this anti-conversion law all over the country, for women like me who are fighting the poison of religion in inter-caste marriages." We are treated badly, and our opposition is manipulated and labeled as greedy. ''

Kamalrukh Khan was the daughter-in-law of a big, rich musician's house, so her story is so poignant, you think once, what would be the condition of a common woman who belongs to any other religion in normal Islamic families?

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