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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Jinping vs Jack Ma This is a war that will bring China to its knees

The rise of corporate giants in China is viewed with contempt by the Chinese Communist Party. 
However, former Chinese President Jiang Zemin had reformed a lot and allowed 'capitalists' to work with the CCP Key. But now it seems that the current Secretary General of the CCP Xi Jinping has embarked on a mission to undo all the actions of his predecessors by destroying China's private sector.

The first fear of Xi Jinping has come as the first target of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma and is facing the atrocities of the CCP. The reason for this is nothing but his controversial statement last month. On China's regulatory framework, Jack Ma said that the country's financial regulation is outdated and outdated.

The Alibaba founder said, "Good innovation is not afraid of regulation, but afraid of outdated regulations." After this, it is now feared that Jack Ma may be banned from going out of China and possibly a public appearance ban.

Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce powerhouse Alibaba Group, did not attend this year's World Internet Conference as well The conference organized by the Chinese government is accompanied by high-profile technical officers along with many officials. Previously Jack Ma was a regular participant on several occasions. But this time, Ali Baba was represented by Alibaba President and CEO Daniel Zhang who had no choice but to praise the rules made by the CCP.

Jack Ma's remarks, if seen, would have been seen as a disagreement in any other country, but it was China where the person disappeared before he could protest. Jack Ma's comments are now being used as retaliation for bending China's tech sector, and corporate structure to Jinping.

In fact, if the latest developments are seen, it will become clear that Xi Jinping is on the path of destroying the private sector of the country. They are fearing that the bourgeoisie should get autonomy and get down on revolt from the country's communist ideology and party.

Jinping recently launched its purge against Internet giants by halting a $ 35 billion IPO in Alibaba founder Jack Ma's Ant Group Co in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Not only this, Beijing also ensured that the Shanghai Stock Exchange suspended the IPO of Fintech Solutions Company from its star market to give Jack Ma a big blow so that they could not recover.

Subsequently, he was also summoned for questioning by the Chinese authorities. It seems that Xi Jinping is now undoing the progress that China accepted as a common man in progress. The CCP is not only attacking the Alibaba Group to teach Jack Ma a lesson but for the CCP to once again tighten the private sector of the country.

This shows how Xi Jinping has a feeling for the private sectors of China. He does not want any industrialist to get any kind of exemption. It is nothing but Jinping's fear that is haunting them that someone will revolt and challenge them. Wrapped in arrogance and communism with a mistaken sense of supremacism, Xi Jinping is now fully on his way to kneading China's private sector in the same way that a Western boss brought his slaves.

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