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Thursday, November 26, 2020

PM Modi said - On this day the terrorists attacked Mumbai, we cannot forget those wounds

New Delhi: On
 the occasion of Constitution Day, PM Modi is addressing the nation on Thursday. During this time, PM Modi paid tribute to those who were martyred in the Mumbai attack. The PM said that today's date is associated with the biggest terrorist attack on the country.

In 2008, terrorists from Pakistan attacked Mumbai. Many Indians died in this attack. People from many more countries were killed. I pay my respects to all those killed in the Mumbai attack.

Today, I also pay tribute to our security forces who are trying to defend India, by thwarting conspiracies like Mumbai attack, covering a small area of ​​terror. Many of our police force's martyrs were also killed in this attack. I bow to them. Today's India is combating terrorism with a new policy-new method.

PM Modi said that today is the day to salute the inspiration of Pujya Bapu, the commitment of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Many such representatives had paved the way for the Navnirman of India. The country should remember those efforts, for this purpose, it was decided to celebrate November 26 as Constitution Day 5 years ago.

Everything from the role of the three parts of the legislation to decorum is described in the Constitution itself. In the 70s, we saw how there was an attempt to dissolve the dignity of separation of power, but the country got the answer from the Constitution itself. After that period of emergency, the system of Checks and Balances became stronger and stronger. The legislature, executive and judiciary all three learned a lot from that period and moved forward.

A big reason for the maturity that has been introduced by more than 130 crore people of India, all Indians have full faith in the three parts of the constitution. Constant work has also been done to increase this belief. During this time more work has been done in both houses of Parliament than scheduled. MPs have also expressed their commitment by cutting their salaries. The legislators of many states have also given their share in the fight against Corona by giving a fraction of their salary.

The world has also seen the strengthening of our electoral system at the same time in Corona. It is not so easy to have elections on such a large scale, results coming on time, the formation of a new government smoothly. The strength we have got from our constitution makes it easy to do all such difficult tasks.

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