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Thursday, November 26, 2020

10th pass woman made very beautiful island in her farm, honor letter from google

 Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, a woman who is just 10th pass has shown an act that is being discussed far and wide. This rural woman made the problem of waterlogging in the field her weapon. People are coming from far and wide to see their created island. It remains a center of attraction for everyone in the area. In view of this step of the woman, she has also been given a letter of honor from Google.

The problem of waterlogging in the fields is the case of Bathuiya village of Tirwa tehsil area of ​​Kannauj, where the resident Kiran Kumari Rajput took this idea and converted it into reality. Kiran has 23 bighas of land in village Gundha of Umarda block. In which most of the fields were full of water. Here, farming was nothing short of a challenge. Then he thought that why not use the water filled part in the field in some other way, it should be converted in the pond itself.

The idea came in 2016,

Kiran Kumari Rajput, seeing the problem of waterlogging in her farm, made it her only earning opportunity, in the year 2016, under the water plan scheme by taking two lakh rupees from the administration - some accumulated capital and fish borrowing from relatives Started following. It cost about 11 lakh rupees to make 23 bigha land as a pond. When the profits were made, the business became big with the help of son Shailendra.

fruit grown on the island

Kiran Kumari, the  has created a bigha island in the middle of the pond, which also made a garden by planting mango, guava, banana, gooseberry, papaya, drumstick trees and flowering plants. This island made in the middle of the water became the center of attraction among the people and gradually people started coming here to roam here, along with walking in the island, people also vote. Kiran's health is no longer good, his son Shailendra is now looked after by this island.

The honor pond found from Google has a variety of fish, including slaughter, nan, china fish, damp, grass cutter and silver main. According to Kiran's son, he earns about 20 to 25 lakhs every year by selling fish and selling fruits. According to Shailendra, a year ago a letter from his mother came from Google, in which his work was highly praised. Also, the beautiful views of the fruit orchard in the island in the middle of the pond were also praised. Google also honored Kiran with a letter of honor.

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