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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Winter breaks 50 years record in Bihar

 This time in the month of November itself, the cold in Bihar has broken records. The winter of November first broke the 12-year-old record in Patna and has now broken the 50-year-old record in Gaya. According to meteorological scientists, the reason for the minimum mercury falling is the western wind along with snowfall on the mountains of Uttarakhand.

Due to this, the mercury of the night is declining, but now the North Eastern wind has started moving. This wind is moving 900 kilometers above the surface. As the wind comes down, the minimum mercury will rise slowly. The eastern wind will keep the sky cloudy. This will cause the day's temperature down.

Let me tell you that in 1970, the minimum temperature of Gaya was recorded at 6.6 degrees Celsius on 29 November. After 50 years, this record was broken in November in Gaya. In Patna too, the cold is shivering in the month of November. According to the information received from the Meteorological Department, there will be a slight increase in daytime temperature due to sunshine, but the mercury of the night will fall still more.

Night temperatures will remain around 10 to 12 degrees Celsius in most cities of Bihar. The sky is cloudy, so the cold is also increasing.

However, due to the North Eastern winds, the sky will once again be partly cloudy in the next 1 to 2 days and the night temperature may increase slightly. The Meteorological Department has also predicted the possibility of mist in the morning.

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