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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Follow these home remedies on burning with firecrackers, do not do such work

New Delhi. 
Diwali, the festival of happiness, is being celebrated today (14 November). Whose country is engaged in the preparation. In the festival of lights, lamps are lit and firecrackers are boiled. During this time, even a small mistake on the occasion of celebration can cause grief to the happiness of the household. No one should look at your happiness, so keep these things in mind at least. On the day of Diwali, children gather in the house and burn a lot of firecrackers, they have to keep an eye on them every moment in the atmosphere of fun or else there is the fear of being untoward. People often get burnt on the day of Diwali when they fire crackers. At the same time, some people have breathing problems. The smoke emanating from the firecrackers not only makes it difficult to breathe, but also irritation in the eyes, ear closure and heart attack are also reported.

  • Burning is also of two types, the first superficial burn, in which there is a blister after burning. The second one is deep burn, in which the burnt part of the body becomes numb. If there is a complaint of pain on the burn area, then the matter is not serious. In this case, keep the burnt area under the water edge, or add cold water to the burnt part for 15 minutes. Until the irritation subsides. By doing this, the pain and irritation will reduce and blisters do not occur.
  • Never apply barnol on the burnt area, instead apply olive oil in that part. If the pain is not reducing, contact the doctor immediately.
  • Some people have been seen to apply ink, petrol, barnol, blue medicine to the wound when burnt with firecrackers, by doing so, the burn gets relief but the burnt part becomes colored. It is also difficult to identify how the burns are.
  • If you have burnt a lot, then see the doctor, on the way to the doctor, on the way, you can put ice in towels on the burnt area, you will get relief. During this, keep talking to the victim and reassure him.

Do not do this at all on burning-

  • Never use cotton in the burnt area, if you are jealous, just do it with ice. But do not use much, there is relief from ice but blood can also settle at that place.
  • Avoid applying butter or ointment to the burnt area and if there are blisters, never make the mistake of bursting it. This will increase your discomfort even more.
  • Never put baking soda, butter and flour on the fire. Do not apply lotion, oil on the burnt area.
  • Never dig and peel the wound. If the wound is not necessary, do not even touch it.
  • Never hurry to get burnt clothes off the body.

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