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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Palmistry: If this line is in the palm then you will definitely go abroad

Palmistry has great importance in our astrology, those who have knowledge of palmistry, they see the lines of hands and tell the past, future and present of the person. 
The information about what is going to happen in a person's life is contained in the lines of hands. Today we will give you some information related to this palmistry, from which you can easily find out whether your luck is the sum of traveling abroad. Astrology states that the lines on the moon mountain and Mercury mountain in the palm of a person are the factors of wealth and travel. It is said that if a line rises from the Chandra mountain and reaches Mercury mountain, the person gains money during the journey.

In the same way, if a person travels in the palm of the mountain from the moon, turns back from the middle of the palm and again comes to the mountain, then such a person goes abroad for business or job, but he does not live abroad for a lifetime. Such a person returns due to some compulsion. On the other hand, if the journey line reaches Chandra Parvat directly from Chandra Parvat, then the person travels for long distance or much foreign trips.

On the other hand, if the journey line in the palm of a woman or a man joins the moon line after going out of the moon mountain, then the possibility of love affair or love marriage increases during the journey, but if a cross or quadrangle is formed across the travel line A person-made program is also canceled. If a person's moon and Venus mountain is advanced and strong and the lifeline goes to the origin of the Venus mountain enclosing the entire Venus region and the travel line on the lunar mountain is not severed, then such a person travels abroad many times in his life . At the same time, the journey line originating from Chandra Parbat is meeting the brain line, then a person has to make business agreements and intellectual agreements abroad.

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