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Thursday, October 1, 2020

New hope in cancer treatment, cancer cells will end without medicine!

A new ray of hope has been awakened in the treatment of cancer. 
Scientists have used the Trojan horse technique to treat cancer in which cancer cells will kill themselves without any drugs. The main point of this technique is that it uses nano particles coated with an amino acid called L-phenylalanine. Cancer is one of the acids by which cells grow. L-phenylalanine is not made in the body but is absorbed from meat and dairy products.

In experiments performed on mice, nanoparticles Nan known as nano -pPAAMs or nanoscopic phenylalanine porcelain amino acid mimics અસરકારક effectively kill cancer cells. Those cells behave as friends with him before they destroy themselves.

The self-destruction mode begins when nanoparticles produce certain chemicals known as reactive oxygen spaces (ROS). This destroys the cancer cells while the healthy cells next to them remain intact. "Contrary to the traditional method, we have used nanoparticles as a drug," said Dalton Taye, a material scientist at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Testing on mice showed that nano-pPAAM destroyed 80 percent of breast, skin and gastric cancer cells. This is similar to the chemotherapy drugs currently used to treat cancer but has not been shown to have any side effects from chemotherapy. Danger forms for cancer cells here are silica nanoparticles that have been considered safe by US food regulators.

Many recent studies have shown that nanoparticles destroy cancer cells well and have no effect on other parts of the body. "This new trend against cancer cells is proving to be more effective than conventional chemotherapy," said Tan Ern U, a breast cancer specialist at Singapore's Ten Talk Seng Hospital.

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