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Thursday, October 1, 2020

A woman who ran away from home two years before her husband's torture was found alive at sea

There are times when we don't know what to expect. 
A similar incident happened in Colombia. A woman's body was found floating on a Colombian beach. The woman had not been in contact with her family for the past two years and was found alive at sea. The woman had not been in contact with her family for the past two years and her family did not even know where she had gone. Finally on September 26 she was found alive within a mile from the beach of Puerto Columbia in Atlantico.

Atrocities also took place in the shelter home

He said women were also being mistreated in the shelter home. The water supply was cut off when the women were not bathing. Soapy water was also added to the juice. Tired, he decided to commit suicide. He said he paid for the ticket from a woman and took a bus straight to the beach. This was reported to his daughter Alexandra Castiblanco. He said he did not know where his mother had been for the past two years. Currently her two daughters are raising money to take their mother to Bogota.

The fisherman rescued the woman

The woman was later identified as Angelica Gaiton. The 46-year-old woman was found by a fisherman named Ronaldo Whistle and he pulled the woman out of the water. She was very weak when he took the woman out and she had symptoms of hypothermia. After rescuing him, he told local media that he had jumped into the sea to commit suicide. She said she had been a victim of domestic violence for 20 years and had been tortured by her husband. Which caused her to become estranged from her family and friends and she considered suicide.

The fisherman at first thought it was wood but ...

According to Columbia's news site La Libertad, the fishermen first saw the woman and thought she was swimming. Later when they approached they realized she was a woman and was shaking hands for help. The video shows Wisbell and a friend rescuing him. However, the woman did not respond. Whistle first spoke in Spanish and later tried to speak in English so that the woman could understand. The woman is placed on a lifesaver and pulled by a rope towards the boat. The woman is not responding but they manage to get her safe in the boat.

The woman was floating for eight hours

The woman was reportedly floating in the water for eight hours and was taken to hospital. After receiving treatment at the hospital, Gate said he regretted his decision to jump into the sea to commit suicide. He said, I have been born again, I thank God. Now I am more thankful to God who gave me new life and a new opportunity to move forward.

The husband tortured her physically and mentally

The woman said her ex-husband beat her a lot, even when she was twice pregnant. "I was tortured from the first pregnancy, my husband was beating me violently," she said. The torture continued during the second pregnancy. I couldn’t get away from it because my daughters were so young. I complained against him many times but the police took him away for 24 hours. He would hit her again when he returned home.

The house was locked, the bathroom was not even allowed to be used

She said her then-husband locked her in the house and did not even allow her to use the bathroom. He was forced to use the garden as his toilet. Her ex-partner tortured her a lot in a 20-year relationship and even tried to kill her in September 2018. She fled the scene two years ago and has been wandering the streets for six months. She later went to a shelter home hoping to get rid of her husband. However, his suffering did not end there. He was also mistreated at the Camino de Faye Rescue Center.

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