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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Love is blind: A 19-year-old nephew ran away with his 24-year-old aunt

A shocking case has come to light where an aunt has gone mad in love with a niece six years younger than herself. 
This love affair of aunt and niece did not stop there. They also ran away from home to be with each other forever and the lives of the family members were raised. The incident took place in a village in Godhra taluka. The aunts and nephews who fled the house were brought back home on Saturday.

The whole incident came to light when the family members contacted the Abhayam helpline. A team of councilors arrived in the village, and as they talked to their families in addition to the two lovers, they came across how much they loved each other.

The details of the whole incident are that after the recent death of Mita's (name has been changed) husband, she came to live in her father's house with her 18-year-old son Jigar (name has been changed) and daughter. One of his cousins ​​Kalpana (name has been changed) also lived near him. The 24-year-old Kalpana was also divorced and had a young daughter.

Aunts and nieces used to be like this in relation to liver and imagination. However, since there was no significant difference in age, the two got along very well with each other. Even family members never doubted the closeness of aunts and nieces. But the two became so close that they decided to live together.

One day all of a sudden Kalpana and Jigar disappeared from the house. Eventually, their families suspected that the two had fled the house. Eventually he began his search, and he found out that they had reached Saurashtra, and were preparing to get married.

They were caught before the two lovers could get married, and they were brought back to the village. According to Councilor Heena Makwana, Abhayam's team along with the village sarpanch explained to Jigar and Kalpana that their love affair was not possible. After persuasion, Kalpana also agreed to move to another place and move away from Jigar. The matter came to a head when the village sarpanch also assured a peaceful settlement of the whole matter.

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