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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Coming 2020 Samsung # GalaxyF41 Virtual #FullOnFestival

Most of us would be very eager to get out of the house and take a break from the life that has been going on for the last six months. 
However, we are just sitting at home waiting for something new. Because a new experience is waiting for all of us. Because, Samsung is coming up with a safe, innovative and fun-filled virtual festival The 'Full on Festival' which has sparked a lot of discussion these days.

This virtual celebration will probably be the biggest celebration you have enjoyed this year. There will be music, rap, stand-up comedy and all these performances you will see in #FullOnLit. This night with #FullOn Excitement is planned for the October 8 launch of the special feature packed # GalaxyF41.

Samsung will unveil its latest smartphone # GalaxyF41 on October 8 at 5.30 pm. The festival's #FullOnExcitement Night will feature #FullOnVibe, and will be the global launch of the much-awaited Galaxy F.

The 'Full On' mood can be seen in the teaser of the F Series which has been released by Samsung. Now you can understand how this phone is connected with Gen Z who has always wanted to have a lot of fun in his life. After all, they want a phone that can be the highest performing smartphone as well as meet the daily professional and personal needs smartly. Also, although this phone has all the latest features, it should not be expensive enough to make a hole in the pocket. Fulfills all these requirements #FullOnChamp # GalaxyF41.

Keeping in view the growing demand of young customers, Samsung has decided to launch this phone on its Billion Day Sale with a special Flipkart this time. Thus, the first model of the #FullOn Galaxy F Series is ready for a banger entry.

The features of this phone are also so strong that it makes it truly #FullOn. In the Galaxy F41 you will find a #FullOnFab sAMOLED display, which will give you a view you have never experienced before. Vibrant, colorful and #FullOn is the sAMOLED real stunner of #GalaxyF41. So just get ready to browse the content you like. Plus, its powerful 6000mAh battery will keep your phone charged longer than you might expect, and you'll watch as many movies, play games or listen to music as you like on it ... it will always give you the Full On experience.

Excited! We also know that the wait for the Global F41's global debut 'Full On Festival' is long. But, in the meantime, keep an eye on the social media handles of Samsung and Flipkart, and register now for Full On Festival, so you don't miss the excitement.

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