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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Who discovered tea? Know how old is its history

If you call yourself a tea lover and have tasted different flavours from Kulhad tea to Masala tea, Tandoori tea, but do you know how tea was discovered? Let us know how tea was discovered and when it started in India.

People all over the world including India like to drink tea. Whatever the season, tea lovers never say no to their favourite drink. People start their day with a cup of hot tea. Some people are so addicted to tea that they need tea several times a day. At present, there is a debate on whether tea is good for health or harmful. At present, if you are a tea lover, have you ever wondered how tea was made?

From Darjeeling to Assam, Munnar, Kangra tea, many famous varieties of tea are grown in our country. Whether you drink tea as soon as you wake up in the morning to get rid of sleep or to get rid of laziness in between work, tea is one of the most popular drinks today and on social media, people call tea by many names like Mohabbat, Ishq, Pyar and many more. For now, let us know how tea was discovered and how it became people's favorite.

How old is the history of tea?

Talking about the history of tea, there is mention of it in 750 BC. You might be surprised that tea, which is one of the most favorite and popular drinks in the world today, has stories about its use that Buddhist monks used to pray without sleeping to Bodhidharma and during this time, to stay awake, they used to chew a special type of leaves and later it came to be known as the tea plant.

Apart from this, China is believed to have a record of tea consumption, which is probably from the 10th century BC. There is evidence that emperors of the Han Dynasty used to drink tea. However, its samples were identified as Camellia tea and it was used as a medicine.

Stories about the discovery of tea

There is also a legend about tea that the Chinese ruler Shennong was once drinking hot water and during that time some leaves from a nearby tree flew and fell in his bowl. After which the color of the water changed and the emperor took a sip of it. He was surprised by its taste and properties. The legend says that Shennong used to chew the leaves, stems and roots of trees to find medicinal herbs.

How tea started in India

Today, India is one of the largest tea producing countries and tea is also exported from here. Talking about the beginning of tea in India, commercial tea plantations were started by the British East India Company. Tea plants are believed to have been discovered in 1824 on the hills between the border of Assam and Burma. And after this, its production was started in India in 1836. It is also said that the British started growing tea commercially to break China's monopoly on tea.

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