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Friday, June 7, 2024

These train routes of Kerala are far superior to the beauty of the destination!

Rail Routes Of Kerala:
If you are fond of travelling then you must visit the beautiful rail routes of Kerala. Seeing the beauty of this place, many travellers forget their destination and get lost in the journey.

If you are fond of travelling, then you must visit Kerala once in your life. It is one of the top destinations of the country. Kerala is famous for its beautiful valleys. There are many tourist places here where people from all over the country and abroad like to come. Apart from its beautiful sights, Kerala is also famous for its rail travel. You will hardly find rail facilities like this state anywhere else. Most of the people here prefer to travel by train because during this time they are able to visit the beautiful sights of Kerala state.

Most people like to go to Kerala during summer vacations. While on one hand people like to reach here by flight, on the other hand there are some people who reach here directly through the train route. Actually, the journey by train is very charming here. Most people also say that if you come to Kerala by train, then you will forget the destination and get lost in the beauty of the journey. During the Kerala trip, you will see such beautiful sights that the beauty of foreign countries is nothing in front of it.

1.Rail route from Kerala to Goa

When it comes to the most beautiful and charming rail route, the rail route from Kerala to Goa comes to mind. It is said that passengers come on this route just to enjoy the journey. On the way from Kerala to Goa, you will get to see the beauty of rural areas as well as mountains, beaches and rail bridges. This route is one of the most beautiful train journeys in India. For this route, you can book tickets in Malabar Express or Konkan Express train.

2. Kollam to Varkala Rail Route

If you want to explore South India, then you must travel from Kollam to Varkala in Kerala. Both Kollam and Varkala are top honeymoon destinations in South India. You will get to see beautiful views during the train journey between Kollam and Varkala. In this journey, you will get to see greenery all around.

3. Rail route from Kerala to Shenkottai

Not only the Kollam to Varkala rail route but also the Kollam to Shenkottai rail route is considered very charming and beautiful. The rail route here is also very popular among tourists. Actually, Kollam is a beautiful and unique city and port situated on the banks of Kallada River and Ashtamudi Lake. This rail route is considered the gateway to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In this journey, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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