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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The restaurant served raw eggs of alien-like creatures, sparking debate on social media

A strange food is available in a Japanese restaurant in Singapore, which is famous by the name of Tako Tamago. This food is actually raw octopus eggs, which people in Singapore like to eat. However, due to this strange food, the restaurant is facing criticism online.

There are many people in the world who do not shy away from eating strange things. Some people even eat snakes, scorpions and insects. Dishes made from these creatures are also served in restaurants and hotels. A Japanese restaurant located in Singapore is in the news these days for this reason. Actually, this restaurant recently served such a strange dish to the customers that the customers got furious after seeing it. Due to this, the restaurant is also facing online criticism.

According to a report by the website Oddity Central, this dish is popularly known as Tako Tamago. The Singapore restaurant Koji has faced criticism from social media users for its strange dish, which is the raw octopus egg sac. It is basically a large white sac with a very flexible membrane, which contains hundreds of oblong octopus eggs. It is being claimed that this sac is served raw and is melted with a blow torch to remove the eggs on the plate. The eggs are usually served with soy sauce and taste like salmon roe.

What do octopus eggs taste like?

The restaurant claims that this strange dish is only available till May and it is very popular in Singapore. Especially among those who want to try something different. The PR representative of the restaurant told 8 Days magazine that people who eat Tako Tamago are surprised by its taste. It tastes like creamy egg yolk. He said that this dish is rich in protein, omega 3 and vitamin B12, so it is considered a balanced and nutritious diet.

Users got angry

However, people are angry after seeing this strange dish. Users say that serving raw octopus eggs is wrong and not everything needs to be eaten. However, it is being claimed that raw octopus eggs are a common dish in Japan and they are available there throughout the year.

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