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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Children can also be victims of brain tumor, symptoms look like this, do not ignore them

The risk of getting a dangerous disease like brain tumor haunts with increasing age. But do you know that children can also fall prey to it? Do you know what are the symptoms seen in children? Know from the experts what you can do to prevent it.

It is generally believed that a dangerous disease like brain tumor occurs in old age, but it is not so. Even small children can be its victims. When the tissue in a child's brain starts growing more, then he gets a brain tumor. The tumors that occur in children are also different from those in adults. These are called gliomas. Parents ignore the initial symptoms of tumors in children. In such a situation, the disease cannot be identified on time. Due to this, the condition of children can worsen in many cases.

Dr Praveen Gupta, Director of Neurology Department at Fortis Hospital, says that every year 4 thousand children suffer from brain tumors. There are many cases in which the disease cannot be detected initially. The common belief is that a child cannot suffer from such a serious disease. But this is not true.

Children are also victims of this, however if they get timely treatment for brain tumor, they recover easily from it. But if the treatment is not done on time, it can cause many problems. In such cases, there is also a risk of death. In such a situation, parents are advised that if such symptoms are seen in the child, then do not ignore them. Get it treated on time.

Symptoms of Brain Tumor in Children

Too much sleep

Severe headache in the morning

weakness in arms and legs

Problems with hearing

Having trouble speaking

blurred vision

what is the treatment

Dr Praveen explains that brain tumor in children is treated in many ways. First, it is seen how big the tumor is. If the size is big, then it is first reduced with chemo and immunotherapy and then surgery is done. If the tumor is small, then it is eliminated with different types of therapy. Radiation therapy is also resorted to, so that if the tumor is cancerous, its cells can be stopped from growing. Any kind of therapy is also used when the tumor is in a place where surgery is not possible.

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