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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Prickly Heat: Whether you should rub ice on prickly heat or not, know from the experts

In most parts of the country including Delhi-NCR, heat wave and heat terror has increased the problems of the people. Heat rash also occurs in summer and to get relief from it, people also use ice in home remedies. How right or wrong is it to rub ice on heat rash.. know from the expert...

Most parts of India are experiencing severe heat. In most parts of North India including Delhi-NCR, the mercury is above 45 degrees Celsius. The wind blowing in an area with a temperature of more than 40 degrees is called Loo and if one gets affected by it, there is a risk of many health problems. Apart from dehydration, there are also skin related problems. One of which is skin rashes. During this time, small red pimples appear on the skin which are commonly called heat rash. When heat rash occurs, there is a pricking sensation like a thorn and continuous itching and burning also bothers.

People try many home remedies to get relief or get rid of prickly heat. Some people apply paste of green leaves, while others apply cooling powder available in the market. Now the question is whether we should rub ice on prickly heat or not. Or some people take bath by adding ice in water. How correct or wrong is the method of using ice in this way… know from the expert…

Why heat rash occurs

Our skin sweats a lot in summer. When the sweat does not dry on the back or other parts of the body due to some reason, it starts accumulating with dirt. In such a situation, bacteria grows here, due to which small pimples appear on the skin. If they are not treated, they start increasing. This redness or rashes on the skin are also called ghamouriya in India.

What do experts say

Dr. Vijay Singhal (Senior Consultant, Dermatologist, Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Delhi) says that heat rash occurs in summer. To get relief from this, it is common to apply cold things on the skin. Dr. says that you should avoid bathing with ice water. Instead, you can rub ice on the affected area. For this, wrap the ice in a cloth and soak it and apply it on the skin. However, do not leave it on the same place for a long time. Keep moving the ice in 2 or 3 seconds. Experts say that you should normalize the water and bathe twice a day. This method also cools the skin. By bathing, bacteria or germs that cause the problem of heat rash are not produced.

Those in the gym or working out should also pay attention

Dr. Singhal says that people who go to the gym or workout in extreme heat should take a bath with cold water after coming back. Doing this removes dirt from the skin. Make sure to dry the body because there is a risk of rashes due to water too. While bathing, exfoliate your skin gently once in 2 to 3 days so that the dirt accumulated in the skin pores gets cleaned. By doing this, your skin remains healthy, glowing and free from infection and the risk of heat rash is also reduced.

Keep these things in mind when you have heat rash

To get rid of heat rash on the skin in summer, it is very important to take care of cleanliness. Take a bath after coming from outside as doing so removes dirt and sweat immediately.

Apart from your clothes, clean your bed sheets and pillow covers regularly. Maintaining hygiene can reduce the risk of diseases or problems.

To get relief from heat rash, you can take a bath by adding neem leaves in water. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties are very beneficial for our skin.

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