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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Malaika Arora told the treatment for back pain, adopt it in your routine like this


There is no answer to the fitness of Bollywood's glamorous actress Malaika Arora. Even at the age of 49, she is amazingly fit and beautiful. The secret behind this is doing yoga along with a balanced diet and workout. Malaika Arora is very conscious about her fitness and keeps sharing yoga tips with fans on social media. Now she has told about yogasanas to get relief from back pain.

Nowadays a large population does sitting jobs and because of this they have to spend at least 8 hours a day working on the computer in the same posture on the same chair. In such a situation, the problem of back and shoulder pain is very troublesome, to get relief from which people resort to oil massage, balm and painkillers, whereas if yoga is done in daily routine, then many health problems can be got rid of. For now, to get rid of back and waist pain, you can do the yogasanas told by Malaika.

Marjari Asana (Cat-Cow Pose)

Malaika Arora has told about doing Cat-Cow Yoga Pose i.e. Marjari Asana in her latest post. Doing this yoga pose stretches the spine and also benefits the abdominal muscles. Doing Marjari Asana stretches the back muscles, which improves blood circulation and provides relief from back pain and lower back pain.

You also get these benefits

Regularly practicing the Cat-Cow Pose not only provides relief from waist and back pain, but also stretches the neck, hips and abdominal muscles. This yogasana improves body posture and also relieves stress, which also benefits your mental health.

Watch the video here

take these precautions

If you want to include these yogasanas in your routine regularly, then first know some precautions. People with knee pain, neck injury, head injury should avoid doing this yogasana. Apart from this, women should avoid doing this asana during pregnancy.

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