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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Alka Yagnik Diseases: Singer Alka Yagnik suffers from rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss, what is this disease


Bollywood's famous singer Alka Yagnik has fallen victim to a disease. She has given this information through social media. Alka has said that she has developed an ear-related problem. Due to this, she is facing difficulty in hearing something. Currently, she is recovering from this disease. Sharing information on social media, Alka has said that she has developed this problem after a viral attack.

Doctors have diagnosed Alka with rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss. Let's know what this disease is. ENT's Dr. Omveer Singh explains that rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss is a problem due to which the patient has trouble hearing anything. This problem occurs due to any kind of damage to the cells present in the inner part of the ear or cochlea. This is a common ear-related problem. In this, the cells of the nerve that transmits sound from the ear to the brain get damaged. This causes rare sensory nerve hearing loss. Due to this problem, one suddenly stops hearing anything.

Why does this disease occur

Dr. Krishna Rajbhar, ENT in Delhi, says that this disease can be congenital and this problem also occurs due to ototoxic medicine. After the age of 45, timely examination of the ear by an ENT doctor helps in early diagnosis. Apart from this, if there is any injury to the head, then this can also damage the nerves of the ear. In some cases, this also happens due to a virus and Meniere's disease. To identify this disease, the doctor checks the hearing ability. It shows how much the patient is able to hear and how the patient is responding to the sound.

Dr Krishna explains that this disease is not dangerous and can be treated easily. An audiologist conducts tests to find out the type and degree of the disease. This determines how much the hearing ability has decreased. Further treatment is done accordingly.

what are the symptoms

Difficulty hearing and understanding conversation

hearing better in one ear than the other

buzzing or ringing sounds in the ears (tinnitus)

How to protect yourself

Wear ear covers if you are in a loud place

Be careful when wearing hearing amplifiers or earbuds to listen to music

get your hearing checked regularly

Contact the doctor if you have any problems

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