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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Center or state… who protects the governor? West Bengal governor calls himself unsafe


West Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose on Monday morning ordered the Kolkata Police personnel posted at the Raj Bhavan to immediately vacate the premises, including the officer in charge. The Governor says that the police are not following his instructions and he does not feel safe around them. It is being told that the Governor is planning to convert the police post located at the northern gate of the Raj Bhavan into a Jan Manch.

This order has come at a time when Kolkata Police had stopped BJP leader Shubhendu Adhikari from entering the Raj Bhavan when he had come to meet the Governor, even though the Governor had already given orders about it. In such a situation, the question arises that who will now be responsible for the security of the Raj Bhavan in Kolkata? On this pretext, let us know who protects the Governor?

The Governor has his own secretariat

The appointment of the Governor in any state is done under Article 153 of the Indian Constitution. He works as the representative of the President in the state and is the constitutional head of the state. The Governor works as a link between the state and the central government. The states have their own secretariat to discharge the functions of the Governor and the role of the Raj Bhavan. The Chief Secretary and other officers and employees are appointed in it by the state government. Apart from this, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) is also appointed for the functioning of the Governor.

Two ADCs are appointed for assistance

Apart from this, Governors usually have two ADCs. One of these ADCs is from the Army and the other is from the Indian Police Service. The officers appointed as ADCs usually work as protocol officers, who implement the protocol and work as executive assistants to the Governor.

The army officer to be appointed as ADC should have five to seven years of experience in any one of the three armed forces. On the other hand, generally a new officer of the Indian Police Service posted in the state is posted as the ADC of the Governor. Both the ADCs of the Governor are usually with him on every occasion and stay side by side.

There is another very important person who is seen with the Governor on every occasion. That important person is the orderly. The orderly of the Governor is usually seen behind him in white clothes. He also has a special shaped hat on his head.

The security of the Governor is the responsibility of the State Government

Usually, the responsibility of the security of the Governor lies with the concerned state. That is, in the state where the Governor is appointed, as per the protocol of that state, on the instructions of the state government, the local police-administration is deployed for the security of the Governor and the Raj Bhavan.

However, from time to time the Union Home Ministry reviews the security of VIPs across the country. If the central government receives any input regarding the governor of a state, then on that basis the central government can make separate security arrangements. For this, it makes security arrangements in different categories. This can range from Y category to Z plus. The Governor of West Bengal has Z plus security. Similarly, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has also got Z plus security.

The Governor of West Bengal has been given Z Plus security

In January 2023 itself, during the review of VIP security arrangements, the security of West Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose has been tightened. He has been given Z plus category security. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel have been deployed for his personal security by the Union Home Ministry. At present, wherever he goes in the country, as per the protocol, 25 to 30 armed CRPF personnel are deployed at all times for his security. Earlier, the current Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, who was the Governor of West Bengal, was also given Z category security by the central government.

The governor is a 1977 batch IAS officer

The Union Home Ministry has provided this security to the Governor of Bengal on the recommendation of central security and intelligence agencies. Dr. CV Anand Bose, a 1977 batch Kerala cadre IAS officer, was appointed Governor of West Bengal in November 2022. Before becoming the Governor, he was also a part of the committee formed to investigate the post-election violence in West Bengal.

Now since the Governor of West Bengal has ordered the Kolkata Police to vacate the Raj Bhavan, it is possible that the Central Government will review his security arrangements once again, because the responsibility of the personal security of the Governor lies with the Central Force but the security of the Raj Bhavan premises was with the Kolkata Police. It was they who kept track of the people coming and going from the North Gate of the Raj Bhavan. After the new developments, one of the Central forces can also be given the responsibility of security of the Raj Bhavan.

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