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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Keep these tips in mind so that your AC or fridge doesn't blast in summer

The extreme heat is affecting health, apart from this, news of blasts in ACs and refrigerators are also coming to light. These accidents can be avoided by keeping some simple tips in mind.

The rising temperature of the weather is proving to be fatal for humans as well as animals. Apart from the heat wave having a bad effect on health, there are also reports of blasts in refrigerators and ACs. Along with taking care of health amid the scorching heat, it is also important to maintain the appliances used in the house properly to stay safe. By keeping some things in mind, accidents like malfunction and blast in refrigerators, ACs etc. can be avoided.

The mercury has crossed 50 degrees in many places and in such a situation, fridges and ACs seem like a boon to people in the scorching heat. However, due to some mistakes, one can become a victim of an accident. It is important to keep some things in mind while maintaining equipment like fridge and AC in the heat. So let's know.

Do not keep the refrigerator close to the wall

In most of the houses, the refrigerator is kept attached to the wall. Due to this mistake, there is a fear of electric current spreading in case of a wire fault. The compressor works to increase the coolness in the refrigerator and when it remains on for a long time, the back part of the refrigerator becomes hot. In such a situation, when the gas gets trapped in the coil, there is a danger of blast.

Keep these things in mind while setting up the refrigerator

In summer, people keep everything from vegetables to fruits in the refrigerator; try not to fill it with more things than required.

The coils of the refrigerator should be cleaned regularly and if any abnormal sound comes from the compressor, then immediately switch off the refrigerator and show it to a mechanic.

The refrigerator should be kept at a distance of about 15 inches from the wall and the refrigerator should not be kept on continuously for a long time.

If you are setting up the refrigerator then check the electrical wiring, power plug etc. thoroughly.

Be careful while setting the AC temperature

There have been reports of ACs exploding in the recent past. In such a situation, it is important to take some precautions. Due to the heat, people reduce the temperature too much in an attempt to increase cooling. This affects the compressor and the risk of blast increases.

take care of the wiring

Special care should be taken of the place and wiring. Sometimes there is a fear of explosion in the AC due to short-circuit in the wire. Try to call a trained mechanic instead of setting up the AC at home yourself. If the AC is old, then get it checked once before switching it on.

Be careful while buying

It is important to keep some things in mind while buying an AC. It is better to buy an AC after looking at a good brand and star rating. An AC with a copper coil is better than an aluminium one. While buying an AC, keep in mind how big or small is the area in which it will be installed.

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