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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Do not eat these 4 things with curd even by mistake, your stomach will get worse

Consuming curd strengthens the bones and keeps the gut health good and also benefits the skin and hair, but consuming it with some things can be harmful.

Natural probiotic food curd plays an important role in digestion by keeping gut health right. Apart from this, including curd in the daily diet gives many benefits to the body, because it contains a good amount of calcium as well as nutrients like protein, lactic acid, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, B6, B12. Its consumption is beneficial for your health as well as hair and skin, but the combination of curd with some things can spoil your health.

Curd is eaten in many ways and its combination with many things is also very tasty. However, some things should be avoided with curd, otherwise problems like indigestion, bloating, skin allergies can occur.

Do not eat fruits with yogurt

Both fruits and curd have a good amount of nutrients, but eating both of these things together becomes heavy, due to which you may have a lot of difficulty in digesting and problems like acidity, bloating start occurring. There should be a gap of about 1 to 2 hours between eating fruits and curd.

Fish should not be eaten immediately after eating curd

Nowadays, a lot of experiments are done with food, but eating non-veg with curd is prohibited. Especially, one should avoid eating curd immediately after or before eating fish. Consuming any kind of non-veg and curd together can cause gas and heaviness in the stomach. If you take curd with fish, there is a fear of skin allergy.

Do not eat fried food with curd

If you are eating oily food then avoid consuming curd during that time. Consuming fried food and curd can be heavy for your digestion and you may get troubled due to gas, indigestion, etc.

Which is the right time to eat curd

One should avoid consuming curd at night, as it increases the chances of increasing Kapha dosha. Apart from this, people who have weak digestion should not eat curd at night. You can eat curd in the morning breakfast or in the afternoon.

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