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Saturday, June 29, 2024

It is almost impossible for humans to reach these 5 places in the world, one of them is also in India


Even today there are many places in the world where humans have no access to them. That is, humans know about these places, but they are not yet in a position to reach there and stay there to know about these places. Today we will tell you about five such places where modern humans have not been able to reach. One of these places is also in India. 

Vale do Javari is at number one

Vale Do Javari is an area of ​​about 33 thousand square miles inside the Amazon jungle in Brazil. The world's most dangerous tribes live here. If we look at the count, about 2000 people live in this area. However, out of these 2 thousand people, there are 14 tribes who are still away from modern humans. That is, today's humans have not yet established strong relations with them. It is said that the people living in the 19 villages here live their lives with the help of the forest and are very dangerous for outsiders.

Devon Island

Devon Island is one of the few places in the world that has always remained hidden from human eyes. Devon Island near Nunavut Canada is also called the home of aliens. Actually, the temperature and environment of this place is such that life is not possible here. Even NASA had to face a lot of difficulties in doing research here. There is always dense fog here and many times the temperature here falls to -58 Fahrenheit i.e. about -50 degrees Celsius.

Gangkhar Puensum

Gangkhar Punsum is considered to be one of the most mysterious places in the world. This hill located on the border of Tibet in northern Bhutan is not for common people. Common people cannot go here without permission. It is said that the people living around this hill do some special kind of worship here which is still hidden from the rest of the world. Only a few people have been able to reach the top of this hill located at an altitude of 24,836 feet above sea level.

Star Mountains

Star Mountain is one of the most beautiful and dangerous places in the world. This mountain located in Papua New Guinea is like a path to another world. If you look at the sky from here, you will see very clear and big stars. The peak of this mountain is more than 15 thousand feet.

fifth and last place

This is North Sentinel Island. This island of the Andaman Islands located in the Bay of Bengal is very beautiful, but it is also very dangerous because of the Sentinel people living here. No one is allowed to go here. The government has banned going to this island. Actually, there is a tribe living here, who have no contact with the world. This is a small island of 23 square miles, on which humans have been living for 60 thousand years, but till date their food habits and lifestyle remain a mystery to the world.

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