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Saturday, June 29, 2024

How much should you run AC in rain, electricity bill and health will remain healthy


Monsoon has arrived in the country, now news of waterlogging on roads and drowning of vehicles is coming from many places. Monsoon has also given relief to people from the heat. On the other hand, people are very troubled by the humidity when the sun rises, to avoid this most people are using air conditioners, but AC users are not aware of the temperature at which they should run the AC in the rain.

Due to which the electricity bill is high, along with body pain, fever and many other minor problems start occurring. In such a situation, we have brought for you information about using air conditioner in rainy season, by following which you can enjoy air conditioner even in rainy season.

What should be the temperature of AC?

During the rainy season, the temperature of the air conditioner should be set to 26 to 28 degrees Celsius. There is no physical harm even if the air conditioner is run all night at this temperature. Also, electricity is saved. Which proves to be very helpful in saving your money.

Use smart thermostat settings

If you do not want to run the AC at 26 to 28 degrees Celsius, then you should use the smart thermostat setting. In this setting, your air conditioner automatically sets the temperature as per the requirement and you do not feel cold when you run the AC.

Humidity level will be low

There is more humidity during the rainy season, due to which there is stickiness and people get very troubled by it. If you are also troubled by humidity then you should use an air conditioner during the rainy season.

Important tips for using AC in the rain

Keep the filter clean: Clean the AC filter regularly so that dust and bacteria do not remain in the air.

Regular servicing: Get the AC serviced regularly so that it continues to function properly and there is no problem.

Avoid direct contact: The cold air of the AC should not directly touch the body, this can cause cold or other health problems.

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