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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Married 60 people together, event lasted for three days, know who is this woman?


It is said that love is just like a game of chess, just one wrong move and straight to marriage! This is the reason why people marry very carefully. Before making someone a partner in his life, a person thinks a lot, then he reaches the final decision of marriage. However, there are some people who consider such an important decision as a joke and start playing with it. The story of one such woman is becoming increasingly viral among the people these days. She chose not one or two but 60 people for her marriage and married them.

We are talking about 40-year-old Carly Sare from Australia, who is a wedding photographer by profession. During her work, she has seen many people taking vows together, expressing love and getting tied in a bond. But when it came to her, she did not choose just one person as her life partner, but chose 60 people together and married them. Regarding this decision, she said that all these people hold a lot of importance in my life, so I married all of them together.

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Regarding her marriage, she says that the concept of marrying just one person does not seem right to me. It seems as if we have dedicated our whole life to just one person. This was the only thing in my life that I did not want to do. This is the reason why I married my friends in my life. Which includes both men and women. Many people consider this decision of hers to be wrong, but Carly says that this does not matter to her at all.

According to media reports, this wedding lasted for three days. This wedding took place in a completely traditional manner and he swore deep love, respect and commitment towards all his friends. The interesting thing is that he did not name all his partners as Bride or Groom but they were called Broom and he believes that this is the best decision of his life.

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