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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Horrible end of love marriage, husband killed his wife and then committed suicide…the reason will give you goosebumps

8 years ago in Ujjain, Amit Acharya and Shikha Rathore fell in love so much that they got married for love. Everything went well in the beginning. But after 1 year, the fight between the husband and wife reached the court. A compromise was reached. Both lived together. But one day suddenly Amit strangled Shikha to death. Then he committed suicide himself. In the suicide note, Amit has also explained the reason behind this.

In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a love marriage had such a horrific end that everyone is shocked to hear about it. The husband first killed his wife. Then he himself cut the vein of his hand and embraced death. When the 7-year-old innocent saw the dead bodies of his parents, he screamed. He ran to his grandmother. He told her the whole story. When the grandmother reached upstairs, she saw that her daughter-in-law was lying dead on the bed in the room. Her son was lying soaked in blood in the bathroom. He had also died.

The police was informed about this immediately. The police reached the spot. Both the bodies were taken into custody and sent for post-mortem. A suicide note was also found from the crime scene. In this, the deceased youth had written that my wife has made my life hell. I am fed up with her. That is why I am going to take this step. At present, the police is investigating the case.

The incident is from Nayapur of Badnagar. 30-year-old Amit Acharya, who lives here, first strangled his wife Shikha to death on Monday. Then he went to the bathroom and cut the vein of his hand. This also led to his death. The mother of the deceased told that her son had a love marriage with Shikha 8 years ago. Everything went well for the first year. But later there started fights between the two. During this time, the two also had two children. 7-year-old Lavit and 2-year-old Maitri.

Still, the fights between the two did not end. Amit's mother Manju Devi alleges that Shikha used to mentally harass Amit. This was the reason why Amit mostly stayed in Jhabua. Amit's ancestral house is in Jhabua. Amit's parents live here. After fighting with Shikha, Amit came to Jhabua a few days ago. When his mother explained, he brought her along with him to Nayapur. Manju Devi told that on Tuesday morning her grandson Lavit came running to her screaming. He told that mummy is lying unconscious on the bed. Papa is lying in the bathroom. Blood is flowing from his body.

What was written in the suicide note?

When Manju Devi ran upstairs, she was shocked to see the scene there. She found that both her daughter-in-law and son had died. She immediately informed the police. A suicide note was also found nearby. It read, "My wife Shikha Acharya has made life hell for me and my family. There are fights in the house every day, due to which I am mentally tortured. Many times I and my mother complained to the police but did not get any help. Now I am very upset. That is why I am killing my wife and committing suicide."

Worshiped in the temple, then the next day the dead body was found

At present, the police have taken both the bodies into custody and sent them for postmortem. Innocent Lavit told that at night, father kept praying in the temple of the house for a long time. Then he went to sleep. At night he slept near grandmother. In the morning, when he went to the room on the first floor of the house to call his mother and father, he saw all this there. Police told that investigation is being done from every angle in this case.

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