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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Chatting on WhatsApp and Instagram can cause you this bone disease, be careful!


Nowadays, craze for social media can be seen in people of all ages. Most people are busy with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on their mobiles. People also chat on Instagram and WhatsApp. But do you know that the habit of chatting on Instagram and WhatsApp can also make you sick? You must have read and heard about the effect of excessive use of smartphones on the brain, but do you know that chatting on mobile can also cause problems in your bones. Experts say that excessive use of WhatsApp etc. can cause pain in the joints of wrists and fingers, arthritis and repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

Problem of pain in thumbs and hands:
Social media may be the need of the hour, but constant busyness in it is causing diseases. The youth who keep their fingers chatting day and night are bearing the brunt of this. People use smartphones and tablets to chat or message on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Due to the increasing addiction of constantly chatting and messaging on these, people are experiencing the problem of pain in fingers, thumbs and hands.

According to a research report published a few years ago in the world's most prestigious medical journal 'The Lancet' published from England, the disease caused by WhatsApp was named 'WhatsAppitis'. According to the report, excessive chatting on WhatsApp causes sudden pain in the wrist and thumb. Many such cases have come to light in which people have faced such problems due to chatting on WhatsApp.

Inflammation in joint ligaments and tendons:
According to experts, pain and stiffness in the thumb, wrist and hand can cause repetitive stress injuries (RSI). RSI is caused by inflammation in the ligaments and tendons of the joints due to repeated repetition of the same work for a long time. Dr. Ashwini Maichand, Senior Orthopedic Surgeon and Director of the Institute of Bone and Joint (MGA Hospital), says that people who play games and type a lot on touch screen smart phones and tablets may have pain in the joints of their wrists and fingers and sometimes severe arthritis in the fingers can occur. Young children are more likely to suffer from this problem due to prolonged use of gaming devices.

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