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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Fake medicines are being sold in the market, check them like this while buying, the truth will come out

 Right now the weather is changing and people are facing problems like cold and fever in this changing weather. In such a situation, most people buy cold and cough medicine from the nearby medical store and consume it. But these days fake medicines are being sold openly in the market. Recently, the police in Delhi-NCR and Ghaziabad have busted the gangs making and supplying fake medicines. But the question is how can a common man know whether the medicine he is taking is real or fake.

Fake medicines can be dangerous:
Let us tell you that fake medicines can prove to be dangerous for your health. Fake medicines are being sold in large quantities in the market. In such a situation, it is important that whenever you buy any medicine from a medical store, first check whether the medicine that the chemist is giving you is real or fake. For this, we are going to tell you some ways, by which you can identify real and fake medicines.

This is how to identify real and fake medicines:
When you go to the chemist, the medicine he is giving will have a QR code on it. Scan that QR code with your mobile. This will show the entire history of that medicine on your mobile. If a medicine does not have a QR code, then do not buy it because it may be a fake medicine.

These medicines have QR code:
Also know about the rules of medicines with unique QR code. According to the rule, medicines costing more than Rs 100 must have a QR code. If this code is not there on the medicine, then do not buy it at all. Medicines which have QR code are of advanced version. Its complete details are released through the central database agency. The QR code is also changed on different medicines. It is also difficult for scammers to make fake QR code.

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