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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

BJD's sun sets after 24 years, Naveen Patnaik resigns from CM post after defeat


In Odisha, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) president Naveen Patnaik resigned from the CM post on Wednesday. He went to Raj Bhavan in Bhubaneswar and submitted his resignation to Governor Raghuvar Das. Naveen Patnaik was the Chief Minister of the state for the last 24 years. On Tuesday, June 4, along with the Lok Sabha elections, the results of the assembly elections in Odisha were also declared. In the Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 20 out of 21 seats and Congress got one. In the assembly elections too, BJP won here. BJP won 78 out of 147 seats. BJD got only 51 seats.

PM Modi's magic worked in the state. BJP won in Odisha with a majority. Now BJP will form the government alone with an absolute majority for the first time. BJP has not yet announced the Chief Minister. The party fought the elections on the face of PM Narendra Modi. Very soon BJP can stake claim to form the new government.

CM Patnaik contested from two seats in the assembly elections. One was Hinjili and the other was Kantabanji. In Hinjili seat, he defeated BJP's Shishir Kumar Mishra by 4636 votes. Congress's Rajnikanth Padhi came third. Patnaik got 66459 votes. Hinjili assembly seat has been CM Patnaik's traditional seat. Whereas, he had to face defeat in Kantabanji. BJP's Laxman Bagh won from Kantabanji seat. He defeated Naveen Patnaik by a huge margin of 16344 votes. Congress's Santosh Singh Saluja came third. Laxman got 90876 votes. CM Naveen Patnaik got 74543 votes.

If we look at the data of the commission, Congress won 14 seats in the Odisha assembly elections while CPI(M) got one seat. Independent candidates won three seats. If we look at the figures, BJD won 113 seats, BJP 23 seats and Congress nine seats in the 2019 assembly elections. The BJP-BJD alliance came to power in Odisha in 2000 and Naveen Patnaik became the Chief Minister. In 2009, BJD broke its 11-year-old relationship after talks on seat sharing between the two parties failed. Patnaik won the subsequent elections in the state.

PM Modi thanked

Interestingly, talks on seat sharing between the two parties had started even before this year's Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, but it failed. This time the BJD supremo could not lead his party to victory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday thanked the people of Odisha and assured them that his party will leave no stone unturned to fulfill their dreams. In a message on X, the Prime Minister said, "Thank you Odisha! This is a great victory of good governance and celebrating the unique culture of Odisha. The BJP will leave no stone unturned to fulfill the dreams of the people and take Odisha to new heights of progress." Modi said that he is very proud of the efforts of the hardworking workers of the BJP in the Odisha elections.

What did the BJP state president say

Along with this, BJP's state president in Odisha Manmohan Samal also reacted. He said that thanks to the people of Odisha. They made BJP win. He said that the people of Odisha were in the mood for change. This is the faith of the people in Prime Minister Modi. That is why they made BJP victorious by voting for it.

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