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Thursday, May 30, 2024

These 5 vegetables will keep your stomach cool in summer and will also prevent indigestion and constipation

In summer, include such vegetables in your diet which have plenty of water and have a cooling effect. So let's know about 5 such vegetables.

Keeping yourself healthy during summers is no less than a task and as the temperature is rising, the cases of heat stroke are also increasing. In such a situation, there is a need to take special care of food. Apart from avoiding unhealthy food, some such foods should be included in the diet which keep your body hydrated as well as cool.

You should definitely include some vegetables in your diet during summers. These vegetables are rich in nutrients and also have a cooling effect and help in balancing the body temperature during hot weather. So let's know about five such vegetables which will help in protecting from heat stroke and will also keep digestion healthy.

Include gourd in your diet

You should definitely include gourd in your diet in summers. Even though this vegetable is a favourite of very few people, it contains a lot of water. Apart from this, it is also not difficult to digest.

consume ridge gourd

Consuming Ridge gourd in summer is also very beneficial for health. By including it in the diet, your gut health remains good and you are protected from digestive problems in summer. Ridge gourd is rich in many nutrients as well as water.

Bitter gourd is effective in preventing many health problems

It is very good to include bitter gourd in your diet during summers, because its effect is also cooling. It helps in smooth digestion. Apart from this, the properties present in bitter gourd also help in keeping the arteries healthy and cleansing the blood.

Onion is helpful in protecting from heat stroke

Eating raw onion in summer is considered effective in protecting from heat stroke and diarrhea, so along with using it as a spice in vegetables, you can also eat raw onion in salad. Actually, onion may be hot in nature, but the properties present in it help in keeping your body temperature cool in summer.

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