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Thursday, May 30, 2024

To avoid heatstroke or heat stroke, keep your diet like this

Most parts of India are affected by the terror of heat. People are falling ill due to heat wave and the problems may increase further in the coming time. We should also change our diet to avoid heat wave or heat stroke. Keep your diet like this in this hot weather...

The 100-year-old record of heat in Delhi has been broken. The mercury has now reached close to 50 degrees. Most people are falling ill due to the terror of hot winds i.e. Loo. Drinking water will not work to avoid this. You also need to make some changes in the diet. Actually, by changing the diet, our body remains energetic throughout the day. Energy goes down rapidly in strong sunlight and increased heat. If the temperature in any area is above 40 degrees and winds are blowing here, then it is called Loo. If someone comes under the grip of Loo, then he complains of dehydration, fatigue, nausea-vomiting or diarrhea.

Our body temperature is affected in summer and if it is not controlled, then health can deteriorate a lot. The government has instructed people to stay at home. But you should take special care of your diet. Also, definitely include some things in it. Let us tell you…

How is energy affected in heat?

Our body has to work harder during summer. Due to this, body temperature and metabolism are affected. In such a situation, we sweat more, which leads to fluid loss and electrolyte balance is disturbed. In such a situation, we should take care of our diet to stay active and healthy. Know how you can keep your diet balanced in this scorching heat.

Hydration is essential

Eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content. For this, eat things like cucumber, tomato, watermelon and strawberry. These maintain the water content in your body to a great extent.

Electrolyte Power Up

Due to sweating, the level of potassium and sodium in the body can go down. Therefore, eat such food items which contain electrolytes. Therefore, consume healthy things like coconut water and bananas because they contain many other minerals along with electrolytes. These things prove to be a boon for our stomach. Dietician Surabhi Pareek says that people who have acid reflux problem should consume coconut water on an empty stomach in the morning. This method helps you in losing weight.

Foods that keep you energetic

Foods like whole grains and sweet potatoes contain complex carbohydrates. Consuming them keeps our body energized for a long time. Avoid eating foods that take a long time to digest because most of our energy is wasted in digesting them.

Must eat these things

Apart from coarse grains and sweet potatoes, you can also eat oats for complex carbs. Eat pulses for lean protein. Spinach and raisins are the best foods to consume for iron.

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