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Thursday, May 30, 2024

The garden of the house will remain green in summer, take care of the plants in this way

Plants also start drying up in the scorching heat, however with the help of some tips, plants can be kept green even in summer. So let's know in detail.

At this time, due to the scorching heat, humans as well as animals are troubled. In many places, the mercury has crossed 50 degrees. Due to so much heat in the weather, even the plants wither and start drying. Plants planted in the house not only look good, but plants are very important to keep the environment good. If the plants in your house have also started withering due to the heat, then with the help of some simple tips, they can be kept green.

The scorching sun in summer is scorching everyone. In such a situation, keeping the plants green is also a task, but it is not that plants cannot be planted in summer. So let us know how the plants in the home garden can be kept green even in this humid summer.

Keep these things in mind while watering the plants

In summers, water evaporates very fast, so water the plants twice a day, in the morning and evening. However, keep in mind that you should water the plants before the sun rises in the morning and also in the evening when the sun sets and the weather becomes a little cooler.

Protect plants from sunlight

Plants planted in the ground keep getting moisture, but plants planted in pots have only a limited amount of moisture in the soil, so try to keep the plants in a place where there is no direct sunlight during the day.

do mulching

To keep the plants green in summer, mulching can be done i.e. cover the roots of the plants with leaves and wet soil etc. This maintains moisture and the chances of the tree drying up are less.

It is necessary to give fertilizer

For good growth of plants and their greenery, it is important to apply fertilizers to them from time to time. Prepare compost manure at home from kitchen waste and then apply it to the plants. After washing vegetables, pulses etc., keep water in a bucket and keep adding peels of fruits and vegetables to it. Keep it covered with a lid and filter it after a week and in this way liquid fertilizer will be ready for the plants.

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