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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

North Korea fired missile, panic in Japan, alert issued

North Korea fired a missile at Japan on Monday. This has created panic in Japan. After this action of North Korea, Japan has issued an alert. The Japanese government has issued a 'J Alert'. Along with this, it has instructed its citizens to immediately move to safe places. Along with this, the government has also issued instructions to ensure the safety of aircraft, ships and other assets.

The government has said that everyone should be prepared for contingencies and take all possible precautionary measures. The Prime Minister's Office of Japan has issued a statement for this. In which it has been said that it seems that a missile has been launched from North Korea. In such a situation, everyone is appealed to take shelter in a safe building or underground places.

North Korea launches ballistic missile

However, the government withdrew the instructions shortly after issuing the alert. After this, a second statement was issued saying that there is no possibility of this missile reaching Japan. Due to this, the alert issued is being withdrawn. It is reported that North Korea had informed Japan that a satellite would be launched but it launched a ballistic missile.

fire seen in the sky

According to experts, there was some problem in the missile and it exploded in the sky. Meanwhile, fire was seen in the sky of Japan, which is believed to be a ballistic missile fired from North Korea. Actually, a footage was released by NHK. In which an explosion can be seen. Regarding which it has been claimed that there is a possibility of some kind of problem in the launch.

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