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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Reserves of gold and coffee, 850 languages… know how amazing Papua New Guinea is, where landslide wreaked havoc

 The landslide in Papua New Guinea has caused devastation. More than 2 thousand people are feared dead due to the landslide. On May 24, a landslide occurred in a village 600 kilometers away from the capital Port Moresby. Due to the collapse of a part of the mountain, the entire debris fell on the sleeping village and they did not get a chance to escape. Australia has sent aircraft and other necessary equipment to help on the spot.

Papua New Guinea, with a population of 1 crore, has many specialties of its own. The South Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea is known for its reserves of copper, cobalt and gold. It supplies coffee in large quantities to many countries of the world. Let's know how amazing Papua New Guinea is?

Stronghold of cobalt, gold, copper and coffee

Papua New Guinea is very special for coffee lovers. The climate and soil here is such that it is very fertile for coffee. It is said that the soil coming out of the volcano contains more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which is suitable for coffee plants.

Papua New Guinea is counted as the world's largest cobalt producer. It is mainly used in lithium ion batteries. This battery is used in electric vehicles, smartphones and laptops. In this way, it is important for Papua New Guinea in terms of economy. Cobalt is used in equipment used in the aerospace and defense sector. Gold and copper are mined here. This country is a stronghold of these metals. This is the reason why a large number of mining workers are also present here, this is their means of livelihood.

850 languages ​​are spoken

This may seem surprising to you, but the truth is that 850 languages ​​are spoken in Papua New Guinea. The reason for this is the communities living here. Many languages ​​developed here. Different tribal communities live in small societies. They have their own language and way of living. Papua New Guinea is also known as a country rich in flora, fauna and natural resources.

The rate of violence against women is highest

Papua New Guinea is one of the countries with the highest rate of violence against women. The Australian Federal Police has described this violence as an epidemic. According to a report, 70% of women here were victims of violence by their partners or husbands. During treatment, it was found that two-thirds of the people were injured by weapons like knives, blades or blunt weapons, which shows the severity of the abuse. Despite this, the women here are at the forefront of bringing about social change.

The overall literacy rate in Papua New Guinea is still only 61.6%, but things are starting to change. The gap between boys and girls in secondary education remains. The gap in primary education has narrowed over the past 15 years, and more and more girls are enrolling in primary school.

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