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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Gunmen terror in Nigeria, 150 people kidnapped


In Nigeria, attacks and kidnappings for ransom have become common in rural areas for the past few years. The terror of armed men has been seen here once again. On Monday, officials told the media that a new group of gunmen in the country has kidnapped about 150 people. Here, heavily armed gangs known as bandits often target remote villages to rob and kidnap residents.

Motorcycle-borne assailants attacked Kuchi village in Niger state on Friday night. Villagers say they came on about 100 motorcycles, each carrying 3 people. They terrorised the village for about 3 hours. No one received any help during this time. After this, about 150 villagers were kidnapped.

Accusations against Nigerian security forces

Boko Haram and rival jihadist group Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) also carry out regular kidnappings in northeast Nigeria. However, some jihadist groups have established a presence outside the region, outside Niger state. Njum, who blamed bandits for Friday's attack, accused Nigerian security forces of failing to prevent the regular raids. He said these killers usually come from neighboring Kaduna state to work in Niger and go back.

killed more than 40 people

A resident of the village said that the gunmen killed more than 40 people. I somehow ran away and reached a nearby village. He said that till now, I have not seen many of my family members. Another resident said that the gunmen killed many people and kidnapped many. After this our houses were set on fire. Let us tell you, murder and kidnapping for money has become common here in the last few years.

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