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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Mango Lassi cools the body, know the easy way to make it

Many people like to drink Lassi during the summer season. But if you are bored of drinking such simple Lassi, then you can try Mango Lassi. This delicious Mango Lassi can help in cooling your body. Is.

To keep the body cool during the summer season, people consume many things. In which lemonade and lassi are very common. Drinking it in summer is considered beneficial for health, it provides coolness to the body. But if you don't feel like drinking simple lassi every time, then you can try mango lassi. Especially those who love eating mangoes. But most of the people go to the market to drink Mango Lassi. But you can make it easily at home.

If your children do not drink lassi but they love eating mango. So you can prepare Mango Lassi and give it to them. It is quite tasty. To make this you will need mango, curd, sugar, cardamom powder and mint leaves.

Make Mango Lassi at home like this

To make this lassi, peel the mango and cut it into small pieces. Now add mango pieces, sugar and cardamom in a mixer jar and blend it. Then add curd, milk and ice cubes to it and run the blender for 5 minutes. It is ready. You have Mango Lassi. Now take it out in a glass. You can also refrigerate it for some time to cool down. Garnish it with mint leaves in the glass and serve it. If you want, add small pieces of mango on top. Can put.

Dairy products are used in mango lassi, hence it is rich in vitamins and many other nutrients. To make it, curd is used which contains good bacteria, which are considered beneficial for the stomach. Also, it can prove helpful in keeping the body hydrated in summer.

But keep in mind that everything has both advantages and disadvantages. If you drink mango lassi daily, it can cause stomach related problems and many other health related problems. Therefore, sometimes people who suffer from sugar or If you have any health related problem then consume it only after consulting an expert.

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