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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Skin will remain glowing and fresh in summer, make rose face gel at home and apply it

In the summer season, due to strong sunlight and sweat, the skin starts losing its glow and the face starts looking dull. In such a situation, home made rose face gel can prove beneficial in bringing back the lost glow and making the skin soft. It is very easy to make it at home. Let us know the method of making it.

Due to heat and sweat, our skin starts looking sticky and dull. In such a situation, even after using various skin care and beauty products, there is no visible glow on the face. But both men and women want to maintain the glow of their skin and keep it fresh in every season. This will make you feel good too. But in this season, due to sunlight, heat and sweat, many skin related problems start occurring.

In the summer season, cold things are applied on the face to cool the skin. Such as cucumber, curd, aloe vera and rose water. People use them in different ways. Someone mixes them and applies them in a face pack. But most people like to use rose water as a toner. But you can also make its gel and apply it on your face.

Homemade natural rose face gel can prove helpful in bringing back the lost glow of the skin and making the face feel fresh. Also, it can prove beneficial in keeping the skin hydrated and soft. To make this, you will need rose petals, almond oil, glycerin, Vitamin E capsule and aloe vera gel. You can make rose gel at home like this and use it.

How to make rose face gel

To make this, after washing the rose petals thoroughly as per your need, put them in a blender jar and blend it well. After that add a few drops of almond oil and blend it to make a soft paste. Now filter this mixture with the help of a fine sieve.

Now put rose petal paste in a bowl, now add glycerin and vitamin E oil capsule in it and mix well, then add aloe vera gel in it and mix it until the paste becomes soft gel form. Homemade rose face gel is ready. Now store it in a tight container and use it. Just remember to make this homemade natural rose face gel again after 4 to 5 days. Make only one swab and do not use the gel for a long time.

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