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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Do this easy yoga while sitting on the bed, it is very effective in removing stress.

Nowadays people remain under stress due to some situation or thing. Which is very common. But taking excessive stress can harm our health. In such a situation, today we will tell you about one such easy yoga asana. Which you can also do while sitting on the bed. This can prove helpful in reducing stress.

Nowadays, a person starts feeling stressed due to many situations and things. But it affects not only our mental and physical health but also our personality. Due to which our career and personal life also gets affected. Therefore it is very important to control it. When we are under stress, the body releases cortisol hormone, which is also known as stress hormone. Which prepares you to deal with or avoid real or imaginary danger. But if cortisol levels remain high for a long time, it can cause serious problems like weight gain, heart disease, high blood pressure and depression.

When a person is mentally stressed, the heart starts beating faster and the blood pressure level of the person also increases. This makes your body ready to respond immediately. When your fear goes away and you start feeling safe. But if the stress does not go away, this reaction continues. If you are feeling stressed again and again without any reason and are having other problems along with it, then it can be harmful for your body.

It is very important to control stress. Mostly meditation is advised for this. But many people have difficulty in meditating or they are unable to concentrate on one place. In such a situation, you can do yoga, this can also help in reducing stress. Today we are going to tell you about an easy yoga asana. Whose name is Viparita Karni Yogasana.

This yoga asana can prove to be helpful in calming the mind and reducing stress. Also increases blood circulation. Especially if this is done before sleeping, it helps in sleeping better and the body gets rest. Let us know how to do it from yoga expert Sugandha Goyal.

How to do Viparita Karni Yogasana

To do this asana, sit facing the wall. Now slowly lie down on your back and spread both your legs on the wall. Keep your hips close to the wall. Try to keep your back straight on the floor or mat. Now spread both your hands. Now keep your palms upwards. You can also place a pillow under your waist or hips for support. Give this mudra 5 minutes or as per your convenience. Keep in mind that if you choose a calm environment to do the easy work, it will be better. Do this asana on an empty stomach or two to three hours after eating food.

You can do this asana comfortably some time before sleeping at night. It is quite easy to do this. But people who have the problem of high or low blood pressure should not do this asana. Also, those who have any kind of back or neck related problem or cataract should also avoid doing this asana or do it under the supervision of an expert. Older or pregnant women should not do this asana.

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