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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Hair Care: Improve these habits before sleeping, hair will not break!

Hair Care: Due to lack of hair care along with nutrition, hair breakage continues in every season. But some of our daily habits are also responsible for hair fall. Let us know from experts how to take care of hair.

Hair Fall: If 100 or more hairs fall daily, then understand that this is not normal hair fall. Finding a bunch of hair on the pillow after waking up can increase your tension. Experts say that some hair breakage is normal but if your hair is falling regularly then it is important to pay attention to it. It is especially important to take care of hair in summer.

Nutritionist Payal says that our eating habits also play an important role in hair growth. The amount of protein or vitamins you take in a day, all these are necessary for hair nourishment. However, if a bunch of hair is visible on the pillow early in the morning, then some of our habits may also be responsible for this. Let us know about them…

Do not use cotton pillows

Cotton clothes are considered very comfortable to wear in summer. But sleeping with your head on the pillow can cause your hair to lose moisture. Due to this, hair rubs more and falls. You can use satin pillowcases. This can reduce hair fall.

Don't sleep with wet hair

In the morning rush, we wash our hair quickly but are not able to wipe our hair properly. Some people wash their heads at night and go to sleep. Sleeping with wet hair can cause hair breakage. This also increases the risk of fungal and bacterial infections in the head.

Hair comb

Some people do not comb, due to which the hair gets tangled. Combing hair increases blood circulation in the scalp. Combing should not only be done while going out but also before sleeping at night.

Take care of diet

Maintain adequate amount of Vitamin B12 and D in your diet. Due to deficiency of these two vitamins, hair becomes weak and starts falling. In such a situation, take care of diet.

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