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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Even 100 goons can't spoil Salman Khan's hair, they pay huge amount of crores to this special person for their security


Salman Khan: Salman Khan is called the Dabangg of Bollywood. Salman Khan's fan following is in crores. Salman Khan has made a special place for himself in the industry on the basis of his acting. Salman Khan is known for his anger as well as his generosity. Recently, an unknown person opened fire outside Salman's house. Due to which his fans were in tension. Earlier, Salman Khan had also received death threats from Lawrence Bishnoi. Salman Khan does not go anywhere without security. There is always a person with them who acts as their shadow. Let us tell you who is the person who takes care of Salman at every step. Because of which even 10 goons like Salman Khan's Lawrence Bishnoi cannot spare even a hair.

Shera lives together like a shadow with Salman Khan

Salman Khan has a different identity in Bollywood. In today's time, no one in the film industry has the courage to speak loudly in front of Salman Khan. Ever since the firing took place outside Salman Khan's house, everyone is worried about his security. But Salman's bodyguard Shera is always present in his security. Let us tell you that Shera has been Salman Khan's bodyguard for 29-30 years now, that is, he has been Salman's bodyguard since 1995. So let us tell you in this article where Shera is from and what is his real name and how much money does Salman give to Shera for his security.

This is the real name of Salman Khan's bodyguard

As we all know that Salman Khan's bodyguard is Shera who stays with him 24 hours. But do you know that this is not her real name, Shera's real name is something else. Let us tell you that Shera's real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. Perhaps Salman Khan has also named him Shera. Shera lives with Salman Khan like a shadow all the time. During an interview, Shera had said that as long as I am alive, I will remain with Salman Bhai. This shows Shera's loyalty to Salman.

Salman Khan gives this much salary to Shera

Salman Khan considers Shera as his younger brother and Shera also respects and honors Salman a lot. Salman has recently gifted Shera a flat worth Rs 1 crore in Mumbai. Shera has now completely become a member of Salman's house. There is a lot of brotherhood between Salman and Shera. Talking about Shera's salary, Salman gives Shera Rs 15 lakh per month as salary. This is the rate that their security agency charges. Whose name is Tiger Security Services which is owned by Shera himself.

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