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Saturday, May 4, 2024

The world's most dangerous islands bring you face to face with nature as well as death.


Dangerous Islands In The World:  As soon as you hear the name of the island, blue sea and beautiful view come to your mind. Wherever you want to go for a walk with your loved ones and enjoy the wonderful views of nature. But do you know that there are such islands in the world where going is no less than dangerous for you. Today we are going to tell you about such islands, which are not only beautiful, but are also more deadly.

Saba Island

First of all, let's talk about Saba Island, “Saba Island,” located in the Netherlands. The area of ​​this small island is only 13 square kilometers, and it is very attractive to see, but there are many dangerous sea storms here. Due to these storms, many ships have broken and sunk around this island. Currently about 2000 people reside on this island.

Crocodile Island, Ramree Island

Now comes Ramree Island which is present in Myanmar, this island is also known as “Island of Crocodiles”. It is said that this island has lakes full of crocodiles, which makes this island dangerous. The name of this island is also recorded in the Guinness World Record Book. That's because the crocodiles living here have caused the most harm to people. It is said that during the Second World War, about 1 thousand Japanese soldiers used to live on this island, but the dangerous crocodiles living here attacked them and chewed them. Only 20 soldiers were left in this attack. However, some scientists and historians still do not accept this incident as true. At present the matter remains a mystery.

Isole La Gaiola

The name of “Isol La Gaiola” also comes in the dangerous island, which is located in Italy. This small island is in the Bay of Naples and its story is said to be very horrifying. It is said that whoever buys it is sure to die or something untoward happens to him and his family. This island is also called the most beautiful island in the world. Many people who bought this island died. But now this island is under government control, people come here to visit, but go back before nightfall. People consider spending the night on this island to be no less than a danger.

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