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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Are multivitamins really important for health? Learn from experts

For the last few years, the trend of taking multivitamins has increased a lot among people. It has become a belief that eating these will prevent many diseases and keep the body fit, but does the body really need multivitamins? Let us know from experts.

The trend of taking multivitamins has increased a lot in the last few years. People are taking these to overcome the deficiency of nutrients in the body. The demand for different brands of multivitamins has also increased in the market. These are being sold in the form of tablets, powder and energy bars. It is claimed that by eating these there will be no deficiency of vitamins, proteins, iron and calcium in the body. There is so much publicity about multivitamins that many people start taking them without consulting doctors and keep taking them for months and years.

The report of IMARC Group shows that the market of diet supplements had reached Rs 43,650 crore. It can reach up to Rs 95,810 crore by 2028. The reason for this is that the demand for multivitamin supplements is increasing rapidly in urban areas, but does the body really need them?

How important is multivitamin for health?

Dr. Ajit Jain at Delhi's Rajiv Gandhi Hospital says that in this era of social media and Google, people are treating themselves. Taking medicine as soon as there is slight problem in the body. Something similar happens with multivitamins also. The trend of eating them has increased after watching advertisements on TV. But this is not good for health. The lack of a balanced diet cannot be compensated by taking multivitamins. If they are eaten without any reason then they start damaging the kidneys and liver.

Dr. Jain says that the body does not need multivitamins. Only that vitamin should be taken which is deficient in the body. For example, if Vitamin D or B12 is deficient in your body, then take its prescribed medicine and that too only after consulting doctors.

This is because multivitamins also contain vitamins A and E. Deficiency of these vitamins is rarely seen in people. But still people eat them. This can increase a lot of problems. Excessive dose of Vitamin A causes vomiting and diarrhea and excessive dose of E can cause sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure. In such a situation, one should avoid consuming them.

Eat only the vitamins you are lacking

Dr. Ajay Kumar, a senior physician in Delhi, says that people should get themselves tested before taking multivitamins. Take only the medicine for the vitamin that is deficient in the test, do not take multivitamins. According to Dr. Ajay, deficiency of Vitamin D and B12 is more common among the people of India. In such a situation, get them tested and if these vitamins are deficient then take medicines as per the doctor's advice, but do not take these medicines for more than three months. This may worsen your health.

Dr Kumar says that multivitamins are never better than a better diet. In such a situation, try to keep your diet good, so that there is no need to take multi vitamins.

keep diet like this




green vegetables


dry fruits

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