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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

High heat can damage the skin, learn prevention methods from the doctor

In the month of April itself, many areas of the country are experiencing intense heat. People face many problems due to heat. Extreme heat also affects the skin. Due to this there is a risk of skin damage. Let us know about this from dermatologist Dr. Soumya Sachdeva.

Even in the month of April, many areas of the country are experiencing intense heat. Due to heat, there is a risk of many diseases including heat stroke. Rising temperature can also damage your skin. In this season the risk of skin infection increases. People have to face problems like red rashes on the skin, itching, burning sensation and darkening of the skin. In such a situation, protection from them is necessary. How to take care of skin in summer? Let us know about it from experts.

Dr. Soumya Sachdeva, Dermatologist at Max Hospital, says that this summer season can spoil the skin. This happens due to blockage of sweat glands. In the summer season, skin diseases can occur due to strong sunlight, dust and allergies. In this season, the problem of red rashes on the body of some people also increases. These rashes appear more on the back and can also appear on the face and hands. If any person is facing any such problem then he should consult a doctor. In this case one should not take medicine on one's own. This may cause harm.

There is a problem of sunburn

Dr. Soumya says that staying in extreme heat for a long time can also lead to sunburn. Due to this, the skin may get damaged and rashes may appear on the body. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself from sunlight in this season. Keep your face and entire body covered while going out in the sun. Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going out. Try to have sunscreen with SPF more than 30.

Avoid going out between 12 to 4 in the afternoon. If it is necessary to go out, then keep drinking water after going out and also consume seasonal fruits during this time. Eat fruits which contain water and also consume fruits containing Vitamin C. For this, eat orange and also include watermelon and cantaloupe in your diet.

keep these things in mind

If any spots are forming on the skin during this season or rashes suddenly start appearing on the back, then it is a sign of some problem. In this situation, a doctor should be consulted immediately. With timely treatment, skin diseases can be prevented from becoming serious.

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