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Saturday, March 9, 2024

These 4 kitchen spices will keep your lungs healthy! Will prevent respiratory problems

Due to changing weather and pollution, respiratory problems increase significantly. Some spices present in the kitchen are effective in reducing viral infections and protecting from respiratory problems. So let us know.

When it comes to Indian spices, each spice has many specialties. The taste and aroma of spices makes food delicious. Spices not only make your food delicious, they contain many nutrients and hence they are no less effective than medicines in treating many problems. There are some spices present in the kitchen which are beneficial for your lungs and are helpful in providing relief from problems related to the respiratory system. So let us know about 4 such spices which will give you relief from respiratory problems.

Increasing pollution, weak immunity and changing weather are many reasons due to which infection in the lungs can occur and respiratory problems can increase. So let us know from experts how some spices present in the kitchen can improve the functioning of your respiratory system.

According to dietician Surbhi Pareek, turmeric, ginger, garlic and oregano (an Italian herb which is also used in many recipes in India), etc. are beneficial in respiratory problems. These spices will not only prevent respiratory problems, but if you have any problem then they are also effective in providing relief from it.

Turmeric is very beneficial

Turmeric used in vegetables is rich in many nutrients. Curcumin and other antioxidants found in it reduce respiratory inflammation, thereby providing relief from respiratory problems. At the same time, turmeric also strengthens your immune system and you remain protected from viral infections etc.

Ginger will improve respiratory problems

Consumption of ginger is also beneficial for the lungs and respiratory system. There are many nutrients in ginger. At the same time, a compound called gingerol is found in it, which is effective in reducing respiratory inflammation, which helps in reducing mucus and reduces breathing stress and you are able to breathe comfortably.

Garlic is helpful in protecting from infection

The properties present in garlic are effective in preventing many types of health related problems, while it is also very beneficial for your lungs. Allicin and sulfur compounds are found in garlic, which helps in protecting against viral infections and fighting bacteria. Therefore, consumption of garlic is very beneficial in respiratory problems.

Oregano (Italian herb)

The herb oregano, used in many recipes, is rich in anti-microbial properties, it is effective in protecting against problems caused by bacteria and viruses like cold, cough etc. Its oil is also very beneficial.

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