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Saturday, March 9, 2024

Holi 2024: Enjoy the festival of Holi during pregnancy, these safety tips will save you.

Holi Celebrations:
This year Holi will be celebrated on 25th March. Holi is a festival of colors and happiness. There has been a tradition of playing with colors on this special occasion. People also prepare various types of dishes in their homes. But pregnant women should take special care on this festival.

Pregnancy Tips: Holi, the festival of colors, will be celebrated on 25 March. Well, the festival of Holi is something else altogether. Everyone, from children to adults, likes this festival of colours. But along with playing with colours, all kinds of sweet to salty dishes are prepared in homes on the day of Holi. But pregnant women need to take special care during the festival of Holi.

According to health experts, one should take care of one's safety on Holi. But Holi is a festival in which everyone likes to enjoy. So, here we have brought such tips and tricks for pregnant women, by following which they will be able to easily enjoy this festival.

Do not play wet Holi

Women should avoid playing wet Holi during pregnancy. In wet Holi, more water is used, hence the risk of slipping is higher. Staying wet for a long time can also cause fever or viral infection. There is also a risk of allergy due to wet Holi colours.

use of herbal colors

It is obvious that everyone feels like playing Holi. But even if you are playing with dry colors during pregnancy, you should be careful. You may have allergies or other skin related problems due to colors. In such a situation, you should use only herbal gulal. For this, do not rely on market colors and use colors made from natural ingredients at home.

avoid crowds

Avoid crowded places during this time. If you are attending any Holi celebration then try not to make too much noise and crowd. In such a situation, you should sit at a safe place only.

Take care of your diet

All types of dishes are prepared in Holi. Of course, this is a festival of sweetness and colours, but avoid eating too oily food. You can eat dishes for taste during festivals but give preference to healthy food only. Thandai is also consumed a lot on Holi. In such a situation, keep distance from it.

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