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Monday, March 4, 2024

Should Sattu be included in daily diet? Know what effects can be seen on health

Sattu Side Effects: Eating Sattu in summer is considered very beneficial for health. It contains abundant amount of fiber and its glycemic index is also low. But should Sattu be included in the daily diet?

Sattu: The month of February has passed. Along with this, a lot of changes are also being seen in the weather. In such a situation, most people like to eat Sattu. Let us tell you that Sattu is made by mixing gram and other whole grains. In many places it is made by mixing wheat, rice and Bengal gram. According to health experts, the glycemic index of Sattu is low.

Fiber is found in abundance in it. This is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Eating this also causes weight loss. But is it beneficial to include Sattu in your diet daily? Let us know about it…

Is it beneficial to eat Sattu daily?

According to experts, eating anything in excess is not considered good for health. Some people eat Sattu instead of their regular meal. Of course, along with fiber, protein and minerals are found in abundance in Sattu. But it may lack other nutrients.

Disadvantages of eating Sattu daily

Sattu has high amount of fiber. In such a situation, eating it daily can cause digestive problems. People who already have the problem of gas or constipation should not eat Sattu daily. Apart from this, people who have problem of stones in gall bladder – they should not eat Sattu.

Know how much Sattu to eat daily

According to experts, Sattu can be eaten any time during the summer season. But you should know the correct quantity of Sattu to eat daily. You can eat between 30 to 50 grams of Sattu daily i.e. about 3 to 4 spoons of Sattu can be eaten. However, you should take special care of one thing that after eating Sattu, you must drink plenty of water. So keeping some things in mind you can eat Sattu daily.

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