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Monday, March 4, 2024

By doing this asana for 5 minutes daily, you can get relief from stress, it also has many benefits.

Yoga keeps our body fit and protects us from many diseases. You all must know about its benefits. But it is very difficult to find time for yoga in this busy schedule. But you can do this easy asana. Which can be beneficial in providing relief from pain and stress in your feet.

We all adopt diet, exercise and yoga to stay healthy and fit. This can protect us from many diseases. But many people are not able to find time for yoga. In such a situation, he can spare just 5 minutes every day and do butterfly asana. This is one of the most comfortable asanas. People who have problems like stiffness, numbness, pain in heels etc. in their legs. They can do this easy asana at home.

When you do this asana regularly, it can be beneficial for you. This asana can prove to be very effective especially for women. Let us know from yoga expert Sugandha Goyal about the method and benefits of doing this asana.

How to do butterfly posture

To do this asana, sit with both legs spread in front. Now bend your knees and bring your toes together. Placing his hands on his knees, raise his knees upwards and try to join them together. After that bring it below the knees and try to touch it with the ground. After this, hold the toes of the feet with your hands. Now keep moving the knees up and down quickly, as if a butterfly is flying. Do this exercise eight to ten times while keeping the breathing rate normal.

Benefits of butterfly posture

mental health

Nowadays most of the people are worried about office and household work. In such a situation, by doing butterfly posture for some time, both their body and mind can get relaxation. This can help in relieving stress.

beneficial for feet

Butterfly posture can prove beneficial in foot problems like weakness, stiffness, heaviness, numbness, varicose veins, heel pain, pulled veins of the legs. Butterfly asana gives strength to the legs, helps in strengthening the thigh muscles and hip bones.

improve posture

Posture can be improved by doing butterfly posture. It can help in improving posture by strengthening the muscles of the back and spine.

pelvic area

While doing butterfly asana, there is a stretch in your pelvic area, which can prove beneficial for women. It can also help in strengthening the inner parts of the hips, legs, waist and thighs. Along with this, doing this asana can provide relief from stomach related problems.

take care

If a person has pain in his knees or waist, then this asana should not be practiced. Also, while practicing this, there may be pressure on the hips, knees and spine in the beginning. Due to which many people may face problems. Therefore, to start this asana, take expert help. If you do not do this asana correctly, you may suffer.

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