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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Pastor defrauded people of crores of rupees through crypto, said - God had asked to do this

A pastor in Colorado, America, is accused of defrauding his followers of crores of rupees. The priest has defrauded people of more than Rs 26 crore through a worthless crypto coin. In this case the priest claims that God himself told him to do so.

Nowadays people's thinking has become such that they want to earn a lot of money as quickly as possible and live a life of luxury. For this, many people invest in different places, which also includes the share market. By the way, nowadays people are also investing a lot of money in cryptocurrency and are earning lakhs and crores of rupees in a very short time. In such a situation, people are increasingly inclined towards it, but some people are also cheating through it. One such person is in the news these days, who is a resident of Colorado, America.

This person is actually a pastor, who is accused of defrauding his own followers of millions of dollars by promoting a worthless crypto coin. The most surprising thing in this is that the priest has claimed that God himself had asked him to do this. The name of this priest is Eli Regalado. According to the report of Oddity Central, he and his wife Kaitlyn are accused of launching a useless cryptocurrency by saying that it is a crypto coin with low risk and high profit. Then he sold that crypto coin to people and cheated them. At present the matter is under investigation.

'This crypto currency is God's creation'

Initial investigation has revealed that Eli and Kaitlyn promoted their crypto coin in their own church and raised more than $3.2 million i.e. Rs 26 crore from innocent investors they met through their followers and other pastors. Earned, who believed that this crypto currency was the creation of God. According to reports, Eli had told his followers through a video, 'Last year in October, God brought this cryptocurrency to me. The Lord said take it to my people, I want you to build it. I obeyed God and sold cryptocurrency to people.

Expensive cars bought with investors' money

However, investigators in this case claim that they have evidence that the pastor has bought Range Rover, luxury handbags and jewelery etc. with the investors' money and has made other personal expenses like snowmobile adventures. At the same time, Colorado Securities Commissioner Tung Chan said, 'The allegation is that Eli took advantage of the trust and confidence of his own Christian community and made them strange promises of money and sold them worthless cryptocurrency'.

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