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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Woman names property worth Rs 23 crores in the name of her pets, know the reason you will also say 'it was right'

A very surprising case has come to light in China. Here an elderly woman has transferred her property worth Rs 23 crores to her pet dogs and cats. He completely evicted his children from his property, whereas earlier he had distributed his property only among his three children, but later changed his mind.

Serving one's parents is the duty of every person and also the biggest duty. However, today's world has become selfish. People are no longer attached to the parents who gave birth to him, raised him, educated him and made him a capable human being. Such cases often come to light, when children themselves throw their parents out of the house or neglect them. In such a situation, many parents are forced to take strict action against their children. One such case is in the news these days, which has not only surprised people but has also made them emotional.

Actually, the matter is such that an elderly woman living in China has decided to leave her property worth 2.8 million dollars i.e. more than Rs 23 crore for her pet cats and dogs and claimed that they will always stay with her. Have stood for him at every turn, but he has no three children of his own.

Didn't give even a single rupee to my children

According to the report of the website Oddity Central, the woman had made her first will a few years ago, in which she had distributed all her property among her three children, but when they started ignoring her, the woman recently had a change of heart. It was done, after which he transferred all his property to his pets. The woman claims that when she was ill, her children never visited her, made no arrangements for her care and rarely contacted her. So he has decided to leave all his wealth only to the animals who have always been with him.

This woman's story is in discussion

In the will that this woman from Shanghai later made, she wrote that after her death, all her money should be used for the care of her pets and the children of those animals. Although according to Chinese law, it is prohibited to leave property to one's pets, the woman contacted a lawyer and found a way out. He chose a veterinary clinic as the inheritor of his property and entrusted it with the care of his beloved pets. This story of an elderly woman has touched the hearts of millions of people in China.

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